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Did you know that on average, you will spend 7-10 years sat in front of your TV? Let Antenna Systems wall mount it correctly for you.

Our team at Antenna Systems offer TV wall mounting services to intensify your TV watching experience. One of our friendly team members will visit your property and give you advice on the best location for your TV. It’s important that you have a rough location in mind as we can then assist with the height and exact position on the wall. We will provide you with the best fittings that we offer as well as some tips on how we can hide wires away and make it look neater.

Making television viewing as pleasurable as possible

We have years of experience installing TVs to walls and do it in the safest way that we can. Although this is something that some people choose to do themselves, we recommend calling a professional for large or high TVs. When wall mounting a TV, it can be heavy work and the last thing you want to happen is to drop the TV. This could cause potential injury to yourself, others around you and damage to the TV itself. 

Antenna Systems can ensure that every TV we wall mount will be handled with care. We use only the best tools to attach the bracket to the wall – not causing any damage after it’s complete. Once the TV is on the wall, we can offer you a discreet cable management service in which we hide away all cables and make the area look neat and tidy. This isn’t something you need to have done but we advise it if you’re looking for a clean finish. 

Selecting the best bracket for your home

We have worked in a variety of different houses which have had different requirements. Some houses have thinner walls whereas others have solid brick walls. We select the type of bracket based on what will work best on your wall and what will be safest. The type of fixing we do to the bracket will depend on the weight of the TV and the type of wall we are installing it onto. For example, if we’re wall mounting a TV onto a plasterboard wall, we need to use something that will stay secure and won’t cause any damage or safety hazards in the long run.

We can provide the brackets that we think are safest to use for your wall and TV. However, we’re also open to using your own equipment that you have bought if you’d prefer to. If we feel that the bracket you supply is not made for the wall or weight of the TV, we will speak to your regarding our concerns. Antenna Systems prioritises everybody’s safety when it comes to any job we complete, and we feel that it’s our duty to point out anything dangerous. 

Once we have come to a decision on the best bracket for your TV and wall, we will be able to work out the perfect position for your TV. We work closely with our customers through this process to ensure they are happy and comfortable with where we are placing the television. As soon as we know that you’re happy with the spot, we will start installing it. Out team aim to get this done in good time but making sure we are safe throughout the entire installation. 

When the TV has been installed, we will do final checks to make sure you’re happy with everything and then leave you to relax. We take pride in our high-quality work but stress that if you see anything you’re worried about, to contact us. We will come to you as soon as possible to make sure everything is looking how it should be.

Types of brackets

As we mentioned, different TVs and walls require different mounts. But there are also some to choose from that offer you more comfortability – depending on what you’re looking for. Some types of wall mounts include:

  • Fixed position bracket. This means your TV will always be in the same fixed position. This is a common type of bracket as most people have their TV wall mounted then don’t touch it again. They are ideal for the TV in the lounge as you normally get it into the position you’d like and then leave it there.
  • Tilted bracket. These can be handy for TV’s that are positioned higher than normal. Some customers choose to have TVs installed in their kitchens but don’t want them to come too close to any other appliances whilst cooking. Therefore, the TV can be positioned higher. This bracket allows the customer to tilt the TV down slightly to make watching it more enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Cantilever bracket. If you want the function to be able to move your TV around slightly after it’s been wall mounted, a cantilever bracket is good for you. These allow you to pull the TV forward as well as position it more to the left or right.

Why use Antenna Systems for wall mount TV installation?

Our team have had years of experience with mounting televisions and know exactly what to do throughout the process. If you’re worried about doing it yourself and potentially damaging your wall, give us a call for our advice and solutions. We’d be happy to come out and take a look at the TV you’re planning on wall mounting and the type of wall you’re putting it onto.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in our wall mounting service. We will come to you as soon as we can to access the situation and to plan where the TV will go and what bracket we will use. Our team will work closely with you to make sure you’re happy all the way through the process – we thrive off of customer satisfaction. 

Improve your television watching experience by choosing a wall-mounted display. Not only will it make it much more pleasurable to watch it, it can also make your room look bigger and much more seamless.

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Amazing Service - Sorted Within The Hour

We had a problem with our aerial. We called up at 9am and they were here just after lunch time. They found the problem to be a dodgy aerial booster on the roof. They quickly replaced it and were on their way. First class service and the price was competitive too.

Paul Hogden -  Cambridge
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