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As well as Sky satellite installation, Antenna Systems are also trained to install Freesat satellites too. Freesat allows you to watch TV without paying monthly subscription charges and also offers a brilliant HD service. 

Freesat means ‘free satellite TV’. It includes over 150 stations that include TV and radio – plenty to choose from! This is predicted to rise to around 200 channels for you to choose from every day. Freesat is becoming increasingly popular and has the features to be the new digital vision for the future. This could potentially take over Freeview TV and Sky in the coming years.

The most recent Freesat system provides a much larger network coverage around the UK. This means that around 98% of homes will be able to receive the satellite signal to watch Freesat channels. It also offers customers high-speed subtitles and increased interactivity. 

It also has a fantastic viewing guide which allows you to view TV listings up to 7 days ahead before they are aired. You won’t miss anything with this amazing feature! All of this is included in what you receive for free. There are no charges to receive extra features like subtitles and audio description – making this system accessible for everyone.

The best bit about our service is that it’s only a one-off cost when you choose to have your Freesat satellite installed. This means no hidden charges when the installation is finished. We will quote for the cost of the job and it will be left at that. We like to give our customers clarity on what they are getting for their money and like to offer the most cost-effective solutions to all.

Is it available in my area?

If you live in the UK, you have access to Freesat. However, you will need a satellite dish installed – this is where we can come in. We can offer you a new satellite dish and fit it as soon as possible. There is a possibility that your dish may not be able to be positioned correctly and therefore cannot get enough signal. This can be the case with some terraced properties as they can only be positioned at the front or back of the house. If this is the case with your property, we will let you know and discuss options with you. 

All of our customers so far have been able to acquire a fantastic signal to use Freesat. If we experience any problems whilst installing your Freesat satellite, we will work to find a solution to enable you to watch your TV comfortably.

What can I watch on Freesat?

You can enjoy over 170 channels with Freesat and over 20 of them in HD. As well as channels, you also receive free apps including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, YouTube and may more. Some examples of the channels you will find on Freesat include:

  • BBC One, two, three and four
  • ITV, ITV two, three, and four as well as +1 and ITVBe
  • 5STAR
  • E4
  • More4
  • News: BBC News, Sky News and BBC Parliament
  • Many more!

If you wish to view more channels, there are packages that you can purchase for a monthly subscription fee. If you would like to find out more about these, please contact us. 

Freesat installation

When installing a Freesat satellite dish, we will always look for a discreet location to put it in. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with having a dish out the front of their home. We will try to find a location where you can receive a good signal but is not overly visible when looking at the property. 

Satellites can also come with extra wires and cables. This is another reason to put it somewhere where it’s not seen. If you have a beautiful looking home, the last thing you want is for cables to ruin it!

When you call us to arrange the installation of your Freesat satellite, we will try our best to arrange a same day visit to come to your property and do the installation. We aim to get this working as soon as possible to give you maximum comfortability in your home. If you are interested in a Freesat satellite, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How much will a Freesat satellite installation cost?

If you already have a satellite dish that works perfectly, all you need to do is purchase the Freesat box and plug it in. This will automatically connect to the satellite and allow you to watch Freesat channels.

However, this won’t give you to function to be able to pause your TV. To enable this, we will have to run an extra cable into your home from the dish. We can still use the existing dish for this and will be able to put together a quote when we come to your property.

Of course, if you do not have a satellite dish installed, this will cost slightly more. We determine our quotes based on the complexity of installing the dish. With some properties, this is easy enough to do but can be more difficult with others. Depending on how much time it will take us to install it, this is how we will put together a price for you. Our customers are under no obligation to go ahead with the works once the quote is sent over to you.

Our team are fully trained in all TV satellite installations and we can ensure that they job will be done properly. If you experience any reception faults with your satellite, we can provide a diagnostics test to find out how we can improve the signal and quality of your TV. 

Whether you’re looking for Freesat repairs, re-alignment, or moving it to a different space on the property, we can be there to do it for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding Freesat satellite installation. Our friendly team will assist you on the best possible solution which is also cost-effective. We can also offer you our advice if you’re having problems with your existing Freesat satellite and come and take a look if you need us to.

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Amazing Service - Sorted Within The Hour

We had a problem with our aerial. We called up at 9am and they were here just after lunch time. They found the problem to be a dodgy aerial booster on the roof. They quickly replaced it and were on their way. First class service and the price was competitive too.

Paul Hogden -  Cambridge
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