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The most recent Freesat system provides a much larger network coverage around the UK. This means that around 98% of homes will be able to receive the satellite signal to watch Freesat channels. It also offers customers high-speed subtitles and increased interactivity. 

It also has a fantastic viewing guide which allows you to view TV listings up to 7 days ahead before they are aired. You won’t miss anything with this amazing feature! All of this is included in what you receive for free. There are no charges to receive extra features like subtitles and audio description – making this system accessible for everyone.

The best bit about our service is that it’s only a one-off cost when you choose to have your Freesat satellite installed. This means no hidden charges when the installation is finished. We will quote for the cost of the job and it will be left at that. We like to give our customers clarity on what they are getting for their money and like to offer the most cost-effective solutions to all.

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